Alabama Repeater Council
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Alabama Repeater Council Board of Directors

The Alabama Repeater Council consists of four (4) regions divided up by counties.
Directors are elected to four year terms in August at the Huntsville, Alabama Hamfest.

Northern Region
North-Central Region
South-Central Region
Southern Region
A - Ralph Hogan, W4XE
A - JR Lowry, KK4CWX
A - Bubba Bussey, KJ4JJ
A - Freddie "Frog" O'Neal, Jr., W4FRG
B - Roy Nagle, KI4UX
B - Doug Jackson, KC4SIG
B - Wiley Boswell, KE4LTT
B - Bob Luman, W4MPQ
C - Patrick Nagle, N4GLE
C - Robby Workman, AC4RW
C - Dennis Duren, KE4ROA
C - Vacant

Alabama Counties

A Directors serve from August 2019 - August 2023

B Directors serve from August 2020 - August 2024

C Directors serve from August 2021 - August 2025

The purpose of the Directors is to represent the ARC "on the ground" throughout the State of Alabama. They serve as primary contacts among local repeater owners to assist in troubleshooting frequency or coordination issues.

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